The G Spot, A Book About Squash por Tony Griffin

August 20, 2019

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The G Spot, A Book About Squash por Tony Griffin

Titulo del libro: The G Spot, A Book About Squash

Autor: Tony Griffin

ISBN: 1502550857

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Tony Griffin con The G Spot, A Book About Squash

“Tony Griffin takes us with him on a personal journey of enquiry into key
squash ideas. These he explains, follow from his concept of the G-Spot. He takes
a fresh look at familiar topics and investigates what factors affect the optimal
hitting experience. The question Tony poses is, ‘how to make this both natural and
effective?’ His ideas, experiences and influences come together into an important
work which will challenge inquisitive players and thoughtful coaches to rethink
some familiar concepts.
While the G-spot is all pervasive in many of the discussions, Tony also throws
in advice and innovative methods on such things as how to maximise the chances
of ‘lucky’ back corner nicks and the elimination of ‘free shots´.
An interesting journey, challenging analysis and entertaining anecdotes make it
a timely addition to squash instructional writing.”
Ian Mckenzie
Editor, The Squash Player magazine

“What a fantastic resource for coaches and players alike. This comprehensive
guide is a must for those who wishing to give squash enthusiasts the fundamentals
of the game. Like anything mastering techniques and having a good understanding
of all the facets of playing squash will not only improve your game but give you so
much more enjoyment . I commend Tony on his ability to bring this all together.”
Dame Susan Devoy
Winner of 8 British Open and 4 World Open Titles

“Writing a coaching manual on any sport is difficult. Tony has succeeded
brilliantly here by writing clear, easy to understand descriptions of how to learn
to play and develop all the basic shots played in squash. His book importantly
includes pairs routines, mental fitness, exercises, warm up routines and stretching,
making it a complete coaching manual. The illustrations are a great addition. They
capture in detail exactly what Tony is explaining. The catchy title lends itself very
well to the way the book has been refreshingly written.”
Ross Norman
Former World Champion.

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